Reading books is a thing of the past

Reading books is a thing of the past
Reading books is a thing of the past
Issue No.6 Delicious Ruckus

Books are the most valuable things for every one of us as the books provide in depth knowledge about everything we like to know about. The books are available in every aspect. We have different books, i.e. Story books, academic books, books on history, books on literature, art, and culture etc. Now it seems as reading books has become a thing of the past.
The statement indicates that now the people take no more interest in reading books. A significant decline in the number of book readers has now been reported. In the past, the majority of the people always used to read different books. Even people had set libraries in their own homes. Instead, book reading has always been the favorite hobby of many people. The markets are still full of books, but now there are no more readers.

The statement seems to be true, but it relates to the printed version of the books only. Book reading can never be a thing of the past. People are still interested in reading books on art, literature, and culture. Children still love to enjoy the story books. Academic books are still required by every student. We all still need to have and read books. Book reading is still a hobby of many people.

The statement above about book reading being a thing of the past is true to some extent as we are living in an electronic age. Printed books or paper-based books have been greatly replaced now by their electronic versions. The most amazing product of the modern age is the internet. Through the internet, any information can be obtained in a period of a few seconds. While in case of books, to find the answer to any question we have to wander a lot to find the right book. Even after finding the right book, we are not sure whether we will get the required answer or not. This is not the case while using the internet to get information about anything. Getting information via the internet is very quick. The internet is a collection of thousands of millions of books on every topic.

The other factor that is responsible for the decline of sales in paper-based books is cost. On the internet, we can get the electronic versions of many books free of cost. Through a Google search, any information can be obtained without spending any money, and we just need to have an internet connection. Also, the electronic books can be downloaded and managed easily. Soft copies of the books also remain safe from any damage for a longer period of time. We do not have to take much care of electronic books.

These are the things that have made us think that people are no more interested in reading books now. The point here is that now we only read electronic books that are cheap and easy to get as compared to hard copies of the books. Even the use of electronic books is also increasing in the educational institutes at a rapid rate. The sales of electronic books have increased greatly. So, keeping in view the points mentioned above it seems that digital books are going to make the printed book reading a thing of the past soon.

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