Spicing It Up with Sexy Lingerie

Gabriel Nunes Spicing It Up with Sexy Lingerie

Spice Things Up In Your Relationship By Shopping For Sexy Lingerie Together

Have you been having a dull sex life of late? Well, shopping for sexy lingerie together as a couple can bring back that spark in your relationship. If you haven’t tried it, you are definitely missing out on tons of fun. Shopping for sexy lingerie together helps in reaching a deep level of intimacy in a light-hearted and fun way.

After all, the point of sexy lingerie is to awaken fantasies you both have and electrify your sex life. What a better way to explore all those fantasies than to shop for sexy lingerie with your better half? Just staring at all those sexy lingerie and imagining your other half in them can stir up ideas and give your sex life the boost it so much needs.

Shopping for lingerie together can create comfortable intimacy and stimulate the discussion about fantasies you both may want to try out. Fulfilling those desires you have always had at the back of your mind can begin with something as simple as going shopping for sexy lingerie together and steam things up in the bedroom. Even if you don’t have the money to buy, window shopping gives you lots of ideas which enhance your playtime in the bedroom.

Shopping for sexy lingerie together ensures you buy something that will excite both of you. Often, people buy lingerie that does not delight their partners. Maybe he loves corsets or see-through lingerie teddies and you keep buying completely different lingerie! When you realize that your partner is not turned on by some lingerie, then you can stop buying that and get what he really fantasizes you dressed in.

Open discussions are part of shopping for sexy lingerie together. Sharing and talking about the type of lingerie that turns you on or off is important in finding something that warms both of you. Since these things are at times difficult to talk about openly in a relationship, you can try browsing online sexy lingerie stores and check through the list while you both make selections of what you prefer. However, when shopping together for sexy lingerie, it’s vital that you both keep an open mind. You may have never pictured yourself wearing sheer maid uniform lingerie, but he has. He also may not have thought of wearing a cop corset, but you have. Try and accommodate each other’s fantasies. However, if wearing a certain costume makes you really uncomfortable, then your partner should understand and let that fantasy go. There is such a wide selection of sexy lingerie you will both settle on something that makes each one of you comfortable.

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Article Issue: Luci Lux No.5

Photo credit: Gabriel Nunez São Paulo, Brasil