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What happened to that bullied child?

What happened to that bullied child?
Issue No.6 Delicious Ruckus

It is no secret that the risk is much higher that a bullied child will grow into a very different adult, but with what quality of life? Bullying is by far the most mentally debilitating treatment a person can face.

However, what happens to that bullied child as they grow into an adult? The risk of depression or suicide greatly increase. How about the way they treat their relationships or their families if they have a spouse or children.

Many bullied children never make it that far in life, according to statistics. Bullying is toxic, it is a poison that is poured down the throat of their victims. Here is what happens to those victims later in life:
• Bullied Adults Will: have a much tougher exterior, a tough facade that is almost impenetrable for others.
• Bullied Adults Will: not be able to tolerate seeing children being teased, even in the slightest form.
• Bullied Adults Will: not sit on the sideline and watch someone being taken advantage of.
• Bullied Adults Will: become very defensive and often times argumentative in regards to personal issues.
• Bullied Adults Will: more than not have a higher IQ because the sense of reading a person and their underlying intentions are much more in tune.
• Bullied Adults Will: be very quick to sign someone out of their lives due to wrong doing.

Ultimately, bullied children will always hold their bully close to their hearts. This is their defense mechanism. This is what makes a person wake up one morning thinking they can conquer the world and by noon they are easily being hurt by the basic and very unintentional words coming out of someone’s mouth. If children could see at their very young age what bullying does to people in the big scheme of things, it would disappear and never be an issue in school playgrounds around the world again.

As adults, parents, teachers, and mentors it is our job and our responsibility to their victims to step in prematurely and to remind them daily that bullying is wrong and very hurtful, in rare cases even deadly.