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Why Do Older Women Attract Younger Men

Why Do Older Women Attract Younger Men
Younger men are increasingly falling for women way older than themselves. Is it wrong or a double standard?

Younger men are increasingly falling for women way older than themselves. Is it wrong or a double standard? I mean, really, I say this considering that many men seek out younger women and have been doing this for centuries why would this be any different or wrong, right!

Below are some reasons that came up with the people we spoke with.

Older women know what they want
Having gone through life for some time, when a mature woman decides to get into a relationship with a young man she knows the reason behind and would not stress the man with petty issues this reason alone drives young men to older women.

Lots of experience
Older women have experience, they have dated different men over time. Young men want to enjoy themselves than being on trial and error relationship, what better way than having an older woman willing to teach them and offer new sexual experience.

Older women have confidence in their bodies.
Finding a partner who has high self-esteem and self-confidence is a major attraction to young men. Older partners tend to have mastered the art of sexual prowess, and this makes the more attractive.

Good communicators
With lots of experience, they have gathered older women are good at communication they address the issues stressing them allowing ensuring the mood is always right. Older women will confidently share out their desires for the other partners without having fears of being judged. The young partner will now his role without expecting too much as all is clearly stated out.

Young men are lazy
Young men will choose an older woman who is financially stable over his age mate for fear of working. He will enjoy being offered free money house in return than looking to earn his hard cash.

Lack of mother figure
Boys raised with mommy issues tend to look for older women so as they can take the role of their mothers in taking care of them. They enjoy being pampered but the woman her age can’t offer her what she wants opting to look for older women.

It’s flattering to date an older woman
Young men find it hard to resist an older woman as it raises their self-esteem.

Older women attract younger men for the various reason, but at the end of the day, it’s just like any other relationship where mutual consent is key to a better relationship.

What is your opinion? share with us below.

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Why Do Older Women Attract Younger Men